Name: Mathilda
Year: 2014
Competitions Attended: Western Canada (Calgary)


For this year’s competition, Aerial Assist, we built a robot that was able to catch, drive and manipulate the game ball. Our goal was to be able to have multiple strategies so that we can work well on any alliance, as well as to drive well and to have a good centre of balance.

Our chassis on Mathilda is fairly small and equipped with mecanum wheels to increase maneuverability and versatility on the field. Mounted on the chassis are two separate pieces, a pair of ‘tusks’- curved metal arms on a pivot point- made to pick up the game piece, and a carbon-fiber dome to capture and hold the ball. Mathilda has a very low centre of gravity, enabling her to be sturdy and balanced.


She did fairly well during the competition, placing 14th out of 36 teams, in addition to making it into the semi-finals of the Western Canadian FRC competition. Her ability to pass, catch and maneuver the field well made her a top choice on many team’s lists. Thanks to the many great people who helped create and support our team, Mathilda was a great success.