Team Name: The Smiley Emoji Unibears
Year: 2014
Theme: FLL World Class
Placement: 3rd
Awards: the Strategy and Innovation Award
Competitions Attended: Calgary Championships


The Smiley Emoji Unibears (SEU for short), are the first FLL team that the Intimitrons have mentored and sponsored. The team of seven girls from grades four through seven worked very well together, promoting FLL’s core values and teamwork through every step of the way.

Because the theme for the year was “World Class Learning”, the girls had a wide range of topics to choose from to create their presentation on. Ultimately deciding on Traffic Safety, they went straight to work on designing an innovative interactive skit for elementary school students after it was brought up that there was no in-school program that teaches students about traffic safety. Creating their own script, props and ideas, the SEU had an incredible skit completed within the first two months of their season.

In addition to their consistent and sturdy robot, they were also very innovative in their programming, using the same program to complete three different missions. Because of their innovative techniques, the team won their very own strategy award in addition to earning 3rd place.


Curious about the theme? Follow the link below to watch the explanation of the project and the game.