Name: Stella
Game: Stronghold
Year: 2016
Competitions Attended: Western Canada (Calgary)


Though persistence, effort and teamwork we completed Stella just in time for the Western Canada Regional! She can maneuver through the field with ease as she is able to pass most of the obstacles in her way due to her taller wheels and low centre of gravity. An arm on the back of this robot enables her to open and hold doors for other robots to pass through the obstacles as well. Stella also has the ability to position herself at the tower base as well as scale it due to an arm and winch mechanism. She is also equipped with dual cameras on the front and back so that the drive team can see the field no matter what is in their way!

During competition we were successful in climbing up the ranks, despite some difficulties we initially had. We had not expected the game to be so rough on poor Stella, resulting in some broken wheels and a broken climbing arm. Though these difficulties lead to a couple setbacks, we still successfully placed 18th out of 36 teams, and also made it to the quarter finals. We prided ourselves in having a robot that was not only able to work independently to conquer defences but was also able to work in tandem with other teams to achieve our goals. All in all, Stella’s year was a good one, and we’re proud to call her our own!