Name: Octavia
Year: 2015
Competitions Attend: Western Canada (Calgary)


This year, we have decided to base our design off of a forklift for the 2015 game called Recycle Rush. Our goal was to have a robot that was able to drive around any obstacles and bots in the way in addition to our goals from previous years.

Our robot Octavia was created for our third competition attended. At a whopping 119.9 lbs and 77.75″ tall, she is our largest bot to date! She is equipped with mechanum wheels for maximum maneuverability, and uses twin forklift-like arms to lift totes and bins.

In competition Octavia acted consistently, stacking totes and bins to gain points. Due to her consistent point-earning, she was selected to be part of the 7th alliance in the quarter finals at the Western Canada Regional and won a safety badge! Thanks to the continued support of our fantastic sponsors, fans, parents and mentors, Octavia and Recycle Rush was a success.