Name: Ophelia
Year: 2017
Competitions Attended: Western Canada (Calgary)
This year we made a robot that could climb a rope, and collect and dispense gears using a passive mechanism. Our goal was to score points efficiently and support our alliance even if they have different strategies.
Our chassis on Ophelia was a 6-wheel tank drive powered by 4 motors. We chose this chassis to increase speed and manoeuvrability. We used the short and wide dimensions to help keep Ophelia’s balance and fit mechanisms better. Mounted on our chassis was an 18″ tall climber and on the front there was a gear mechanism which could catch the gears from the loading station and deliver it onto a spike. We used lexan to cover the top of our robot to ensure no gears would be caught in the supports. During the end of every match a rope would unload from the aircraft and our robot would have to climb it in only 15 sec.
Our team placed 22nd out of 48 teams, making it to the quarter finals of the Western Canada FRC competition. Her ability to deliver gears and climb ropes successfully has led us to be chosen by the 4th ranked alliance, better than we have ever achieved before. Without all the help and support we got from members and mentors we wouldn’t be where we are now.