2016/2017 Season

This season we focused mainly on building a strong robot and developing our skills to further enhance our experience for future competitions.

Keeping this in mind, the judges at competition saw our determination to establish more women working in STEM and engineering and awarded us with the Team Spirit Award! This was the first award we won with this team and we hope to see many more in the future.

Outside of competition, we won a SAIT grant for our efforts in making the perfect budget paired with an essay. We hope to use this SAIT grant to ensure our robot is in the best quality for what we hope are 2 regionals next build season.

2015/2016 Season

We applied for many awards this season! If you would like to view any of our award submissions, click here!

The first award we won this year was alongside our FLL team!. Our team of Intimitrons FLL mentors won the Coach/Mentor award for guiding the Proboticians! (Our FLL team had a successful run and won their own award, check out more here!)

During the 2016 Western Canada regional, we received another award from the awesome team, the RoboDawgs! They gave us the Outstanding Student Lead Team award for our initiative to include all members in every aspect of the team, both technical and business centred.

This regional we really put our best foot forward in terms of safety. We made sure that at all times both around the pits and robot that our team was acting safely, and also helping others learn to be safe as well! In recognition of our efforts to stay safe, our team won the Pit Safety certificate as well as the Industrial Safety Award!

FIRST also awarded the Intimitrons the Imagery Award! We received this award because of our efforts to integrate both team branding and aesthetics alongside our robotics design and function.

2014/2015 Season

The Safety Animation, like the general competition, has a theme each year. This year’s theme was “Superheroes”. We incorporated superheroes, fun and safety into our 40 second video about safe welding. Though we didn’t win, we had lots of fun creating this little movie!

Click play to watch the video below!

2013/2014 Season

award picture

At the 2014 competition we received our first awards, one of which was the Entrepreneurship award. Chosen for our well-put together and unique business plan, we received this award to reflect our hard work in gaining sponsors and managing our team’s finance.

Our second award that was given to us this year was by the FRC team(s) the RoboDawgs for the Most Creative Robot Design. Mathilda’s in-bounding, catching and driving abilities were all factors in qualifying for this award. Thank you RoboDawgs!