FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST Robotics was founded to help encourage people to participate in science and technology at a young age. The competitions by FIRST are modelled off varsity sports to better engage young people and inspire them similar to how they are inspired by popular athletes and celebrities. Encouraging  students and teams to cooperate their competitors, FIRST promotes friendly competition as well as trying to assist other teams when possible. In the FIRST community this is called Coopertition®. Along with Coopertition, FIRST promotes Gracious Professionalism®; where teams compete and promote mutual gain and respect.


Our 2017 game has been announced! A steam-punk themed game involving skill, precision and chance, FIRST teams are challenged to build the best bot they can to fuel up their air ships! Teams can gain points by shooting into the “boilers”, collecting gears and climbing up the airships. Watch more below for more information on FIRST STEAMWORKS! All aboard!



For more information you can look here: FIRST Website or FRC Western Canada