These dates are the dates we have been using for meeting this year. Depending on the students, mentors and available space they may be subject to change. 

Please note that students are not expected to attend every day provided, however are encouraged to attend more than one meeting a week. 


Pre-Season is the four months before the game challenge is released. We work on building our knowledge and skills as well as teaching our new members about the team during this time. Building relationships with new and existing sponsors is also a focus during pre-season, in addition to the recruitment of new members.

In addition to Intimitrons team development, we have a few students mentoring our own FIRST Lego League team during these months.

Monday: Finance,  Media/Outreach, Programming(skill building), Design (skill building)

Tuesday: FLL Mentoring

Wednesday: No Robotics

Thursday: Finance, Media/Outreach, Programming (skill building)

Friday: Welding and Fabrication (skill building), Programming (skill building, FLL Mentoring

Saturday: No Robotics

Sunday: No Robotics

Build Season

Build Season begins as soon as the game challenge is released during the first week of January. We begin to design, build and program our robot during this time, and the following 12 weeks are fun, yet intense! Six weeks into Build Season we have to pack away our bot into a bag as per the game rules, and we are not allowed to touch it until the competition. In between this “Bag and Tag” and competition, our team works on a second robot to practice driving and programming.

Meeting dates are subject to change depending on robot completion.

Monday: Finance,  Media/Outreach, Programming, Design

Tuesday: No Robotics

Wednesday: No Robotics

Thursday: Leadership, Design, Media/Outreach, Programming,

Friday: Welding and Fabrication, Robot Assembly

Saturday: Fabrication, Robot Assembly, Programming, Media/Outreach, Design

Sunday: No Robotics

Post-Build Season

Robotics begins to slow down this season, and our focus turns once again towards community outreach and recruitment. We can often be found sharing  our knowledge and robot at various venues (in the past we have been to Telus Sparks, Beakerhead, the AWSN Gala and more).

We do continue to work and build our skills in areas such as design and fabrication by working on smaller personal projects as well.

Monday: Finance, Media/Outreach, Design (skill building), Programming (skill building)

Tuesday: No Robotics

Wednesday: No Robotics

Thursday: Finance, Media/Outreach, Leadership

Friday: Welding and Fabrication (skill building), Design (skill building)

Saturday: No Robotics

Sunday: No Robotics


During the summer months (~June to August) meetings slow down and the team is given a break. We keep in contact through our Google Plus group, and aim to have monthly check-in meetings either in person or through online google hangouts.